Welcome to the Biblical Research Foundation website. You will find an unusual blend of reading materials designed for a particular kind of person — the person who, rather than to just comply, wants to know why.  This person is not satisfied to simply accept the world view that has been thrust upon him by virtue of the family, nation, or society into which he was born. This individual realizes that he alone can bear the responsibility for understanding what is true. For such a man or woman, there is  nothing more important than to know the truth — basic truths that deal with questions of faith, religion, philosophy, history, and belief systems — the great questions that perplex mankind.  If this describes you then you are in the right place.

Founder Wayne Simpson wrote the Book of Jasher, Noah: Founder of Civilizations, and other articles and studies that delve into biblical and historical issues. There is a wealth of information on our website but we also invite you to purchase the Jasher and Noah books. A companion video to Noah: Founder of Civilizations will be released soon.