The Fortieth Passover

During Passover season we hear a lot about the events of the Exodus — the plagues, Pharaoh, the oppression of the Israelites, etc.  But there is another very dramatic biblical episode that took place during the Passover that is not so often mentioned. A few years ago I was in Israel for a short time.  While there, I enlisted the services of an Arab taxi driver who took me into the Palestinian territories to Jericho.  It was important to have…

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Timeline of the Exodus

The timing of the events of the Exodus from Egypt proves to be very interesting.  Most readers of Exodus do not think very much about when each event took place, but there is profound teaching in that knowledge. There is a clear timeline presented that shows exactly when those events took place when you understand the key. That key is the understanding of the Sabbath and the Holy Days of Israel. The year was 2448 AM (this probably answers to…

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A Profile of a Righteous Gentile

The term righteous gentile doesn’t always mean one thing only. To some of us, we are accustomed to hearing the term refer to one who embraces the Noahide commandments. But among Jews it is perhaps more often used to refer to a person who has exhibited uncommon service to the Jewish people such as those who protected Jews from the Nazis during the holocaust. It is this latter category that I intend to focus on. I want to talk about…

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