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We are pleased to present the following studies for your enlightenment. You may copy and distribute them provided you keep our copyright notice on them. They are presented for educational and informational purposes only. We try to cover issues in an objective way that are seldom addressed in traditional religious circles. We are not evangelizing. There is a saying “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” We are not interested in converting anybody to anything; we know that is quite impossible. Our goal is simply to provoke our readers to think for themselves, rather than swallowing everything they might have been taught — hook, line, sinker, fisherman and  boots.  Too many  people simply adopt their beliefs from their family, their peers or their society without ever questioning whether they are true.

We feel that everyone should investigate and prove what is true for himself. There is much dis-information floating around in religious circles and it is highly doubtful that any religious faith today has been able to stay free of it.   All are vulnerable to criticism in one way or other. We feel that religious ideas must be rigorously tested for truth no matter how time honored and cherished they may be. We try to represent the views and teachings of the major faiths we cite as accurately as possible. We believe you can find something  presented here of which you were unaware – something that will enhance your understanding. Yes, we have our own opinions and make our own judgements about various issues.  That does come out in our articles. But we try to present those thoughts by clearly showing the source and logic on which they are based. We try to get to the source of everything as much as possible. No one has to agree with us and no one has to answer to us. In the end, what you conclude is your business alone. That is why we have chosen this non-invasive, non threatening forum to present this material.  We hope you will be challenged by it whether you agree or not.